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  We first saw our home in August, 1998. We were visiting w/ our good friends, Charlie & Marge Mankin on Riverside Dr, in Shannondale West Virginia. Located in Jefferson County, part of the Eastern Panhandle, Shannondale spreads down the western slope of the Blue Ridge, to the Shenandoah River. Just a few minutes from historic Charles Town, Shannondale is one of the largest & oldest communities in WV.
   Our home is at the foot of the Blue Ridge, overlooking the Shennandoah River. The yard gently slopes approximately 150', & then drops down 20' to the waters edge. The house is a "cabin", with a cathedral ceiling, & a highly polished wood interior. There is a large deck off the front entrance, with stairs down to the back yard.
   The house had been vacant for several months, but was still breathtakingly attractive. We immediately fell in love w/ the house, & the view. We began to consider the possibility of moving in.
   After several weeks of whirlwind negotiations, & wheeling & dealing, our dream became a reality. The process was filled w/ many obstacles & moments of anxiety, rite up to the last moment. But in the end, things fell into place. We now are living in our Dream House, in beautiful surroundings. We feel so fortunate to be living in an area that families take vacations in. In fact, several of the houses in the area, are use for just that.
  Not long after moving in, we decided to come up w/ a name for our home. We thought of many lovely possibilities. None of them really captured us, until we came up w/ our choice. Our choice blended the aesthetics of the environment w/ our personal interests w/ computers, & the internet.
  As you've probably guessed, our choice was "RiverHeaven.Com". The  consideration of acquiring the internet domain was realized recently. Now we can share our home & our lives w/ the "on-line" community. We sincerely hope you enjoy your time spent here, & find it a source of inspiration. Plan to come back frequently, as there will be continuing additions & improvements as time permits.

- the Goldman Family -

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